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Investing News Network recently spoke with Dunnedin Ventures CEO Chris Taylor about the company’s 2015 Kahuna exploration program’s gold till results, a planned gold exploration program, and Dunnedin’s next steps for the Kahuna project.

Dunnedin Ventures Inc. (TSXV:DVI) is a Vancouver-based diamond exploration company focused on advancing the Kahuna Diamond Project in Nunavut, Canada. Dunnedin has an option agreement to earn a 100-percent interest in the Kahuna project which lies near to Ranklin Inlet and the surrounding infrastructure of Agnico Eagle’s Meliadine gold mine.

Kahuna is an advanced-stage, high-grade diamond project with an inferred resource of 4,018,000 carats of commercial-sized diamonds with an average grade of 1.01 carats per tonne.** Dunnedin recently discovered gold at Kahuna, a rare global find with multiple gold mineralized formations intruded by diamond-bearing kimberlites.

A wealth of historical data on the property coupled with ongoing work by Dunnedin points to significant upside potential for the project. The company plans to develop targets for further bulk sampling to collect sufficient commercial-sized diamonds for a valuation parcel and to expand the current resource estimate.

Dunnedin is currently recovering diamonds and indicator minerals from a series of kimberlite and till samples collected during the 2015 Phase 1 Field Program. Diamond recovery results from the Notch kimberlite were released in September 6, 2016 showing a 1.30 tonne sample of Notch returned 49 commercial-sized stones (+0.85 mm) totaling 1.29 carats with a sample grade of 0.99 carats per tonne. The company also announced conclusion of its summer 2016 field investigation program at Kahuna, consisting of 1,111 till samples collected across the property.

Investing News Network: You’ve recently reported some interesting gold and till results from your 2015 exploration program at the Kahuna Diamond Project. I understand Kahuna is in close proximity to Agnico Eagle’s Meliadine mine development project. Would you please share some of the highlights from those results, and give us some insight into what this gold potential means for the project and for potential investors?

Chris Taylor: The area that the project is in is extremely prospective for gold mineralization. What has been the long-term attractant for many mineral explorers over the past 50 years is really that gold potential of the district. What the recent results mean for us is that we probably identified the only location that I know of globally where you have multiple gold mineralized formations that are intruded by diamond-bearing kimberlites. What this discovery really means is that we found something that appears to be completely unique geologically.

INN: Are there any other comparable projects for investors to look at that have this occurrence?

CT: As far as I know, this is the first time that any company has noted widespread gold mineralization in an area that also contains high-grade diamond-bearing kimberlites.

INN: You have also staked an additional 21 claims nearly doubling the total size of the Kahuna property, placing you within ten kilometers of the Meliadine Mine site. Can you please comment on this move and what it means for the project?

CT: When we began doing work on the property, my first level of really intense excitement came when we began recovering diamonds from the mini bulk samples that we did back in 2015. When those started coming out of the lab, it was a real watershed moment for me because the recovery of diamonds from the project makes the project real. I was very excited again when we began to really intensively review the historic results that were generated in the area. The fact that we are located immediately adjacent to what is probably the best new gold mine currently in development in the country, and there is history of gold exploration in this area, that was really exciting.

For full interview please view at: http://investingnews.com/daily/resource-investing/gem-investing/diamond-investing/dunnedin-ventures-ceo-chris-taylor/ 

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