Kodiak Copper regards environmental, social and governance (ESG) as fundamental pillars to being a responsible resource sector company and is committed to upholding outstanding corporate citizenship for all our stakeholders. Excellence in ESG is a key aspect of our strategy to manage risks, build a sustainable business and create value for investors.

ESG Report 2023

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Kodiak Copper is committed to responsibly managing the natural resources where we operate and minimizing the impact of our business on the environment.

  • Kodiak has become carbon neutral in 2022 through the purchase of carbon offsets and is committed to a strategy to reduce future carbon emissions - click here for the report
  • Environmental Monitoring Program including a Wildlife Management Plan, migratory/nesting bird and species at risk surveys, wildlife observation log
  • Ongoing surface water monitoring at all potential water draw points
  • Hydrology, fish habitat, climate and meteorology monitoring proposed as exploration advances
  • Progressive reclamation of new work sites, remediation of historic sites


Kodiak Copper strives for zero harm to our people and works with local stakeholders to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate and create broad social and economic benefit.

  • Health and safety management systems that meet industry best practice
  • Outreach to and active dialogue with indigenous communities to ensure transparency and understand their perspective
  • Employment and business opportunities, local sourcing of supplies and services
  • Heritage field reconnaissance surveys at proposed work sites and prior to any ground disturbance


Kodiak Copper has adopted corporate policies and board committee mandates with the goal of promoting the highest moral, legal and ethical standards and conduct within the Company.  Our policies ensure accountability, responsibility, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and ethical business practices to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Corporate Policies

Committee Mandates

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